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Derma Peel Pro


DERMA PEEL - Deep peeling treatment for all skin types particularly for pigmentation
Professional treatment for deep exfoliation and skin renewal. Its active ingredients reduce the skin to a pH of 3.5 and are formulated to the maximum concentration authorised by the Spanish Agency of Medicines (AGEMED). Dermapeel is designed to rejuvenate the skin, obtaining a softer, more even skin tone. It’s efficiency is based on a combination of peeling techniques in the same session:
• Physical Exfoliation
         Chemical Acid Exfoliation
• Enzymatic Peel
• Biological Exfoliation
• Ultrasound Micro Dermal Exfoliation (optional)
The combination of these 4 techniques makes it possible to obtain faster, more long lasting results.
Treatment time:            70 minutes                 £55