/ Eternal Line

Eternal Line


Extra powerful rejuvenating treatment with plant stem cells, which nourish and revitalize the tissues under the skin, and provide a long-lasting anti-aging effect. 

Active ingredients: 
Nano-liposomal stem cells of plant origin, which enhance the skin's natural stem cell proliferation; jambu extract, which rebuilds the collagen fibers and promotes their adhesion to the conjunctive tissue; sea fennel extract which regulates cell division, effectively detoxifies the oxygen-deficient cells and normalizes the undesired proliferation of epithelial cells. Sea lavender extract, which has a fast and powerful anti-wrinkle effect; lupine extract, which compresses and tightens the skin tissue, grants more toned facial lines, improves the skin's resistance and enhances the natural collagen formation.
Treatment time:          70 minutes                         £55