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Paul Mitchell

In our hairdresser salon your dream hairstyle will be created by professionals using the newest techniques and professional materials according to the latest trends. In our salon, we offer natural hair dyes, wonderful temporary hair colours and fashionable, trendy hairstyles. The products of the Paul Mitchell brand used in our salon are market-leading products used by professionals also in Europe. These are hair treatment products consisting of a complex system, mainly containing herbal substances and natural components at a reasonable price. The company lays high emphasis on continuous development and invests a high portion of its profit in research. You should not be deceived by the simple outlook of the products as the content is of high quality, and by cutting down on the costs of packaging the product is reasonably priced. These hair dyes and colours contain a very low amount of ammonia, so they can be applied on sensitive skin as well.



As a leader of beauty brands sold at retailers, L’Oréal Paris makes the most innovative product available for everyone.

The trademark of L’Oréal ensures that in our salon your hair colour will be made by means of L’Oréal Professionnel hair dyes and colours, which are produced according to the latest technology and are of the highest quality, by this providing your hair the best quality treatment. You are in good hands when visiting the Heavenly Devine Beauty Salon.