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SNS nails

SNS Nail in 3 Easy Steps - American Product!

The multi-3 step SNS Nails process overlays directly onto the nail bed to create a long lasting nail with exceptional durability and shine. Because the application doesn't use harsh chemicals, it eliminates the odours that are typically associated with acrylics and gels.

Applications can be customized for each client, with a wide variety of colour, glitter and dipping powder available. The most popular dip nail sets are used for the appearance of a healthy nail, and a healthy pink and white look. To get the look of a healthy nail, a light pink set powder is used on the entire nail to create a natural, healthy appearance. To get the look of a healthy pink and white nail, the use of two powders are used to create a white nail tip with a pink nail bed base, simulating the look of a French Manicure.



SNS Nails Service:

All treatments are included with manicure
On own nails:    
Sns Nail  (color) 60 min                               £30
Modeling  with tip or form               
Sns Nail (colour) 70 min                £43
Sns Nail removal  15min                 £6
Sns Nail removal + file
25min               £10
French +10min                +£3